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We winterize our installed irrigation systems between mid October and early November. To arrange to have your irrigation system winterized, please make sure to book before October 15th.

Jeff Trenerry - Owner | ph: 403.690.8456

Watering Tips

Please Note: These are just general guidelines and you must adjust accordingly to your climates severity.
Wind and heat are among the most critcal factors in understanding your plants needs.

- For newly laid sod start your watering routine immediately. On your first application, Water for at least 30 minutes.

- Keep sod well watered for 2 weeks until full saturation occurs (approx. 1 inch loam saturation).

- During the hottest times of year, water twice daily for 45 min to an hour (morning and evening)

- Please remember to keep off your sod for at least 2 weeks.

- After 1-2 weeks - depending on the heat and wind conditions of your area -, you can cut back watering by 1/2

- After the initial period, good watering doesn't have to be more than 5-15 minutes - depending on the wind and heat conditions of year area.